Dry Feed Energizer – Cattle

Dry Feed Energizer – Cattle, is a new formulation containing a Bypass energy source, soluble carbohydrates and urea to support Cattle of all ages to effectively utilize dry feeds and stubbles along with improving weight gain and feed conversion efficiency. Dry Feed Energizer – Cattle contains high levels of key Minerals, Trace Elements and Vitamins required by all Cattle through the summer months.

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  • Bypass Protein Source
  • Molassified for Palatability
  • High Antioxidant Activity
  • All Weather Formula
  • Contains Urea
  • Soluble Carbohydrate for Rumen Health
  • High Zinc and Vitamin A Levels

Addition Rate & Usage

Cattle: 100-200 grams/head/day.

Best supplemented when Cattle are grazing dry feeds and stubbles.