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Compass Feeds:

The Right Direction in Animal Production

Feedsafe Accredited

Are you ready to take the right direction? Compass Feeds will lead the way, providing trusted, effective, and affordable stock feed.

Let our experienced staff guide you through unique custom blends of feed and supplements   designed to best suit your animals.

"We trust Compass Feeds to help us solve problems, maintain animal health, and increase productivity. They always supply a quality product."

- Mark & Gillian Fennell
Lambina Station - family-owned & operated pastoral station

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Podcast: Arthritis in Lambs, by Joan Lloyd

By Joan Lloyd, With lambing well underway or about to start across large parts of Australia it is timely to think about the health challenges faced by young sheep. One such challenge is arthritis or bacterial joint infections. Arthritis in lambs is common and costly. Our research indicates that approximately 50% of Australian sheep farms experience arthritis in their ...
Pneumonia In Sheep Update June 2021

Research on Pleurisy/Pneumonia in sheep achieves second milestone

Joan Lloyd - Veterinary Science Consultancy DOWNLOAD NEWSLETTER

Notes for SA sheep producers over the summer period

Jeremy Rogers - PIRSA Senior Veterinary Officer With wetter conditions expected over the summer months in early 2022 the incidence of parasites is likely to rise. Most producers will be familiar with blowflies, but in drier areas like the Murray Mallee, when there is significant summer rain (greater than 15mm), Barbers Pole worm (BPW) becomes a possibility. This is a ...

"We sell Compass Feeds products by the truckload. It’s trusted, effective, and gets results. We listen to our customers, and they swear by Compass Feeds."

- Shayne Wallis
Driscoll McIllree & Dickinson - Livestock & Real Estate Specialists