Grazeforce PEM

GrazeForce PEM is a formulation born out of in-creasing incidence across the country of Sheep and Cattle experiencing the condition Polioencephalo-malacia (PEM). PEM or Vitamin B1 defficieny is the result of reduced production of Vitamin B1 or break-down of existing B1.
GrazeForce PEM is used as a tool to continue sup-ply B1 to animals following treatment with BSave.

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  • Specialist PEM Lick
  • Follow Up Treatment to BSave
  • High Vitamin B1 Inclusion
  • Bypass Protein
  • Added Disaccharides
  • Copper Cobalt Zinc
  • High Vitamin A & E Level as Antioxidant

Addition Rate & Usage

Sheep: 20-30 grams/head/day.
Cattle: 200-250 grams/head/day.

Best supplemented to PEM affected mobs following treatment with BSave.