Hybuff Ruminant Buffer

Hybuff Ruminant Buffer is formulated to help Sheep and Cattle of all ages to effectively manage rumen pH whilst consuming high levels of cereal grains.
Hybuff Ruminant Buffer is a lick preparation that can be used in intensive feeding or containment programs or when animals are introduced to stubbles with high levels of residual grain.

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  • Molassified for Palatability
  • High Buffering Capacity
  • All Weather Formula
  • Intensive and Paddock Use
  • Reduce Risk – Increase Safety
  • High B1 Levels

Addition Rate & Usage

Sheep: 20-30 grams/hd/day
Cattle: 150-200 grams/hd/day

Best supplemented when animals are in an intensive or containment grain feeding program or grazing stubbles with high residual grain content.