Weaning for profit

Weaning is a critical production phase in our calendar which is often managed in a very traditional way.

A renewed focus on weaning management can improve early post-wearing growth and health, leading to improved daily weight gain and feed efficiency performance.

Effective weaning management enables progeny to achieve target weights and sale much earlier, reducing the cost of production and saving feed resources for breeding stock.


The short game

In the immediate post-weaning period, handling, separation and possible feed changes cause progeny to experience high levels of stress.

As a result, weaners experience a rapid increase in requirements for a range of key nutrients, and that requirement is typically not met.

The resulting deficit of key nutrients leads to the onset of erratic behaviour, poor immunity and reduced appetite.

If not proactively managed, these symptoms of poor wearing management, continue for a number of days or weeks, leading to body weight loss and poor health outcomes.

It is also becoming clear that the stress of weaning and in particular separation from dam is linked to the ever-increasing incidence of pneumonia that producers, feedlotters and processors are experiencing.

Transforce Liquid, in conjunction with Maxivit ADE and Grazeforce Weaner, are designed to deliver a quick hit of those nutrients progeny require in the immediate post-weaning period and may reduce the incidence of erratic behaviour, improve immune response and maintain appetite.


The long game

At weaning, treating progeny with Maxivit ADE liquid significantly lifts body reserves of these key vitamins that play an important role in immune function and antioxidant activity in the weeks following weaning.

Grazeforce Weaner is designed to deliver high levels of key minerals, trace elements, vitamins, soluble sugars and a readily available source of bypass protein in the few weeks following weaning and may help to maintain rumen efficiency along with strong levels of growth and health in Progeny through this important production phase.

Early weaning is a well-established method of saving feed in any grazing operation and in any season.
A number of management programs are available to support implementation of Weaning, depending on the time and infrastructure available.
If you have any questions about early weaning and/or improving post-weaning performance, or would like to access our reseller network in your region, click here to discuss in more detail.

Cheers from the Compass Team.