B4 Lamb

B4 Lamb is a specialist formulation designed to support lambing ewes through the last trimester of pregnancy and through until the end of Lambing. B4 Lamb is formulated to support high production ewes perform to their genetic potential and best navigate the challenges of metabolic diseases that cause potential loss of production and mortalities. Magforce is suggested post Lambing until Weaning

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  • Specialised Lambing Formulation
  • Molassified for Palatability
  • High Antioxidant Activity
  • All Weather Formula
  • Multiple Sources of Magnesium
  • Soluble Carbohydrate for Rumen Health
  • High Zinc & Vitamin A Levels

Addition Rate & Usage

Ewes: 20 grams/head/day.

Ideally supplemented in the 4-6 weeks prior to Lambing through until Lambing is complete.