Magforce Sheep & Cattle

Magforce is a specialist formulation designed to support lambing/calving ewes/cattle through the last trimester of pregnancy and through to late lactation or Weaning. Magforce is formulated to support ewes/cattle with the specific nutrient profile they need to remain healthy, achieve ease of lambing/calving and produce colostrum and milk to their genetic potential.

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  • Specialist Lambing/Calving Formulation
  • Molassified for Palatability
  • High Vitamin E & Antioxidant Activity
  • All Weather Formula
  • Multiple Sources of Magnesium
  • Soluble Carbohydrates for Rumen Health
  • High Zinc & Vitamin A Levels

Addition Rate & Usage

Ewes: 20 grams/head/day.

Ideally supplemented in the 4-6 weeks prior to Lambing through until late lactation or Weaning.