Edge40 NMR Pellet

Edge 40 NMR Pellet is a high specification buffering pellet for inclusion to feedlot, containment feeding and supplementary feeding programs for Sheep, Cattle, Goats and Alpacas. Edge 40 delivers a range of key nutrients responsible for improved health, growth and feed efficiency performance and to effectively manage rumen pH levels.
Edge 40 NMR Pellet is Non Medicated.

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  • Non medicated
  • High Buffering Capacity
  • Ideal for Sheep, Cattle, Goats and Alpacas
  • High Specification
  • Reduce Risk – Increase Safety
  • Pelleted to remain suspended with grain

Addition Rate & Usage

Thoroughly mix 2 x 20 kg bag with 1 tonne of finished feed.

Best added to grain diets when Non Medicated is required in Feeding or Farm Assurance Programs.