Maxibeef Feedlot Concentrate

Maxibeef Feedlot Concentrate is a non-medicated formulation to deliver high levels of essential Minerals, Trace Elements and Vitamins required by Cattle in feedlot or semi intensive feeding programs to remain healthy and maximize both weight gain and feed efficiency. Maxibeef Feedlot Concentrate contains a range of compounds to increase rumen pH and modify rumen efficiency.

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  • Non Medicated
  • High Antioxidant Activity
  • High Buffering Capacity
  • High Zinc & Vitamin A Levels
  • 25kg Inclusion Rate
  • Premix for Cattle Feedlot

Addition Rate & Usage

Thoroughly mix 1 x 25 kg bag with 1 tonne of finished feed.

For inclusion to high performance grain feeding rations when Cattle are on full feed or a supplementary feeding program.