Grazeforce Cattle Hi Mag

Grazeforce Cattle Hi Mag, is specifically formulated to supply Cattle with the level of Magnesium they require, which is often not met through pasture intake, leading to a reduction in productivity. Grazeforce Cattle Hi Mag also contains an extensive range of Minerals, Trace Elements and Vitamins required by all Cattle on a daily basis.

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  • High Magnesium Level
  • Molassified for Palatability
  • All Weather Formula
  • High Antioxidant Activity
  • Soluble Carbohydrate for Rumen Health
  • High Zinc and Vitamin A Levels

Addition Rate & Usage

Cattle: 100-200 grams/head/day

Best supplemented during Autumn and Winter when Cattle are grazing pastures likely to be Magnesium deficient.