Tetmag Plus

Tetmag Plus is a more robust formulation than Tetmag. Both formulations contain elevated levels of Magnesium and are specifically formulated to support sheep and cattle through late Autumn and Winter when grass tetany conditions occur. Tetmag Plus also contains Trace Elements and Vitamins to support improved health and performance outcomes through Winter.

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  • Molassified for Palatability
  • Zinc & Copper for Hoof Health
  • All Weather Formula
  • High Magnesium Level
  • Soluble Carbohydrate for Rumen Health
  • High Vitamin Levels to Support Immunity
  • Apply Early to Prevent Grass Tetany

Addition Rate & Usage

Sheep: 20-30 grams/head/day
Cattle: 120-200 grams/head/day

For supplementation when animals are grazing in Autumn/Winter on pastures likely to cause Grass Tetany.