B Save Liquid

Bsave Liquid is a multi nutrient, thiamine based Mineral and Vitamin supplement for the treatment and prevention of polioencephalomalacia (PEM), a condition caused by a deficiency of Vitamin B1 in Sheep and Cattle.
Affected animals are typically separated from the mob and exhibit either star gazing, lowered head or head pressing stance.

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  • High B1 (Thiamine) Level
  • High Magnesium Level
  • Easy Application as an Oral Drench
  • Easy Application via Water Trough
  • Remains Suspended in Water
  • High Vitamin A for Eye Health & Immunity

Addition Rate & Usage

Sheep & Goats: Adult 30ml/hd Lambs/Kids 15ml/hd
Cattle: Adult 250-300ml/hd Calves 150ml/hd
Three doses are required over 3-5 days.

During high grain feeding programs and late Winter and Spring when pasture Thiaminase levels have the potential to be high.