Maxivit Vitamin A, D & E Liquid Supplement

Maxivit ADE is an oral, low dose supplement for Sheep and Cattle. Vitamins A & E play vital roles in anti-oxidant activity and the support of immune response and membrane health in all animals. Vitamin D has many roles, importantly in young animals it is linked to bone growth and in production females it controls blood Calcium and Phosphorus levels alongside other hormones.

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  • High Antioxidant Activity
  • Easy Low Volume Oral Dose
  • Smooth Muscle Function
  • Immune System Function
  • Bone Growth & Strength
  • Stress Management Tool

Addition Rate & Usage

Sheep: Adult 10ml/hd Lambs 5ml/hd
Cattle : Adult 50ml/hd Calves 25ml/hd

Ideally supplemented prior to key production phases or stress events, and prior to the dry season.