Feedlot Lamb Concentrate

Feedlot Lamb Concentrate is a high specification supplement, formulated as an addition to Lamb feedlot diets with a strong focus on achieving daily weight gain and feed efficiency targets and to effectively manage rumen pH levels.
Feedlot Lamb Concentrate delivers high levels of key nutrients important to maintain health and best manage the risk of common feedlot diseases.

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  • High Specification
  • High Buffering Capacity
  • High Antioxidant Activity
  • For Intensive Feeding Lambs
  • Reduce Risk – Increase Safety
  • High B1 to Reduce Incidence of Pem

Addition Rate & Usage

Thoroughly mix 1 x 25 kg bag with 1 tonne of finished feed.

Best added to Lamb feedlot diets when Lambs are part on an intensive feeding program.